The interior design of our new prestigious testing institute is characterized by the exciting contrast between the modern USM Haller furniture and the history-charged office building “Seeburg” owned by Unilever. The institute in downtown Hamburg is composed of three large, light-flooded conference rooms and adjacent monitoring rooms, each equipped with the latest media transfer systems.

  • Three rooms for focus groups
  • Three large adjacent monitoring rooms equipped with large, partly floor-to-ceiling mirror walls. When holding a creative workshop the monitoring rooms can be curtained off.
  • Rooms for groups focussing on smokers
  • For small groups the rooms can be modified into lounges if required.
  • For groups consisting of minors or kids the rooms can be designed and equipped suitably.
  • Prestigious and large rooms for presenting heavy electric appliance (e.g. flat screen TV sets, fridges, kitchenware)

  • Modern and fully equipped test kitchen for degustation studies
  • Deep-freeze cabinet and fridge for ample product shipment available

  • Wide range of media transfer technology: flipcharts on wheels (with magnet boards, magnet tracks and board tracks for presentations), large-scale pin boards, beamer and screen, slide projector, notebooks, flat screen TV sets, DVD player, video recorder, tape deck and recorder, unlimited web access via network or wireless LAN, headsets for language selection
  • 15 notebooks to write the minutes, for WAPI / CAPI interviews, for presentations within a focus group and for direct input by test persons
  • Colour printer
  • Modern recording technology (HDD, DVD, audio or video technology)
  • Cameras with zoom
  • Technology for simultaneous interpreting
  • Wireless radio headsets for language selection
  • Recording technology for cell phone displays